Android Development Environment Setup

Generally to build an applications for Android we should have Java Development Kit (JDK), Android SDK, and a development environment.


The Android SDK is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems to build android applications based on our requirements.


We can setup android development environment using following two ways


  1. Setup Eclipse IDE Manually (Depreciated)
  2. Android Studio

Initially Google supported a Manual Eclipse IDE Setup for android development environment by downloading required components like Eclipse IDE, Android SDK, Java Development Kit (JDK) etc. from official site. Afterwards Google introduced a component called Android Studio to make environment setup process simple.


By using Android Studio bundle we can easily setup android development environment in any operating system to implement android applications.


Android Studio is the combination of following components to allow users to implement android applications.


  1. Eclipse IDE
  2. Android SDK
  3. Android Virtual Device
  4. Eclipse Plugin

By downloading Android Studio directly from Google website to setup we can easily setup development environment.


Check following article to know more details about setting up android development environment to implement required apps using Android Studio.


Android Studio Installation


This is how we can setup android development environment using Android Studio component.

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