Google Material Design Social Icons

Here we will learn social icons in google material design with examples and different type of social icons (cake, group, mood, mood bad, notifications off / paused / active, party mode, share, etc.) in google material design with examples.

Google Material Design Social Icons

Google material design is having different type of social icons available those are sentiment satisfied / neutral / dissatisfied, school, public, plus one, group, group add, domain, etc.


Following table shows the list of available social icons in google material design.


NameUsage DescriptionIconExample
cake <i class="material-icons">cake</i> cake DEMO
domain <i class="material-icons">domain</i> domain DEMO
group <i class="material-icons">group</i> group DEMO
group add <i class="material-icons">group_add</i> group_add DEMO
location city <i class="material-icons">location_city</i> location_city DEMO
mood <i class="material-icons">mood</i> mood DEMO
mood bad <i class="material-icons">mood_bad</i> mood_bad DEMO
notifications <i class="material-icons">notifications</i> notifications DEMO
notifications active <i class="material-icons">notifications_active</i> notifications_active DEMO
notifications none <i class="material-icons">notifications_none</i> notifications_none DEMO
notifications off <i class="material-icons">notifications_off</i> notifications_off DEMO
notifications paused <i class="material-icons">notifications_paused</i> notifications_paused DEMO
pages <i class="material-icons">pages</i> pages DEMO
party mode <i class="material-icons">party_mode</i> party_mode DEMO
people <i class="material-icons">people</i> people DEMO
people outline <i class="material-icons">people_outline</i> people_outline DEMO
person <i class="material-icons">person</i> person DEMO
person add <i class="material-icons">person_add</i> person_add DEMO
person outline <i class="material-icons">person_outline</i> person_outline DEMO
plus one <i class="material-icons">plus_one</i> plus_one DEMO
poll <i class="material-icons">poll</i> poll DEMO
public <i class="material-icons">public</i> public DEMO
school <i class="material-icons">school</i> school DEMO
sentiment dissatisfied <i class="material-icons">sentiment_dissatisfied</i> sentiment_dissatisfied DEMO
sentiment neutral <i class="material-icons">sentiment_neutral</i> sentiment_neutral DEMO
sentiment satisfied <i class="material-icons">sentiment_satisfied</i> sentiment_satisfied DEMO
sentiment very dissatisfied <i class="material-icons">sentiment_very_dissatisfied</i> sentiment_very_dissatisfied DEMO
sentiment very satisfied <i class="material-icons">sentiment_very_satisfied</i> sentiment_very_satisfied DEMO
share <i class="material-icons">share</i> share DEMO
whatshot <i class="material-icons">whatshot</i> whatshot DEMO

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