Google Material Design Image Icons

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Here we will learn image icons in google material design with examples and different type of image icons (landscape, flash, flip, movie creation, music note, brightness, burst mode, camera roll, etc.) in google material design with examples.

Google Material Design Image Icons

Google material design is having different type of image icons those are color lens, crop original, filter, flash, flip, panorama, photo, portrait, timer, etc.


Following table shows the list of available image icons in google material design.


NameUsage DescriptionIconExample
add a photo <i class="material-icons">add_a_photo</i> add_a_photo DEMO
add to photos <i class="material-icons">add_to_photos</i> add_to_photos DEMO
adjust <i class="material-icons">adjust</i> adjust DEMO
assistant <i class="material-icons">assistant</i> assistant DEMO
assistant photo <i class="material-icons">assistant_photo</i> assistant_photo DEMO
audiotrack <i class="material-icons">audiotrack</i> audiotrack DEMO
blur circular <i class="material-icons">blur_circular</i> blur_circular DEMO
blur linear <i class="material-icons">blur_linear</i> blur_linear DEMO
blur off <i class="material-icons">blur_off</i> blur_off DEMO
blur on <i class="material-icons">blur_on</i> blur_on DEMO
brightness 1 <i class="material-icons">brightness_1</i> brightness_1 DEMO
brightness 2 <i class="material-icons">brightness_2</i> brightness_2 DEMO
brightness 3 <i class="material-icons">brightness_3</i> brightness_3 DEMO
brightness 4 <i class="material-icons">brightness_4</i> brightness_4 DEMO
brightness 5 <i class="material-icons">brightness_5</i> brightness_5 DEMO
brightness 6 <i class="material-icons">brightness_6</i> brightness_6 DEMO
brightness 7 <i class="material-icons">brightness_7</i> brightness_7 DEMO
broken image <i class="material-icons">broken_image</i> broken_image DEMO
brush <i class="material-icons">brush</i> brush DEMO
burst mode <i class="material-icons">burst_mode</i> burst_mode DEMO
camera <i class="material-icons">camera</i> camera DEMO
camera alt <i class="material-icons">camera_alt</i> camera_alt DEMO
camera front <i class="material-icons">camera_front</i> camera_front DEMO
camera rear <i class="material-icons">camera_rear</i> camera_rear DEMO
camera roll <i class="material-icons">camera_roll</i> camera_roll DEMO
center focus strong <i class="material-icons">center_focus_strong</i> center_focus_strong DEMO
center focus weak <i class="material-icons">center_focus_weak</i> center_focus_weak DEMO
collections <i class="material-icons">collections</i> collections DEMO
collections bookmark <i class="material-icons">collections_bookmark</i> collections_bookmark DEMO
color lens <i class="material-icons">color_lens</i> color_lens DEMO
colorize <i class="material-icons">colorize</i> colorize DEMO
compare <i class="material-icons">compare</i> compare DEMO
control point <i class="material-icons">control_point</i> control_point DEMO
control point duplicate <i class="material-icons">control_point_duplicate</i> control_point_duplicate DEMO
crop <i class="material-icons">crop</i> crop DEMO
crop 16 9 <i class="material-icons">crop_16_9</i> crop_16_9 DEMO
crop 3 2 <i class="material-icons">crop_3_2</i> crop_3_2 DEMO
crop 5 4 <i class="material-icons">crop_5_4</i> crop_5_4 DEMO
crop 7 5 <i class="material-icons">crop_7_5</i> crop_7_5 DEMO
crop din <i class="material-icons">crop_din</i> crop_din DEMO
crop free <i class="material-icons">crop_free</i> crop_free DEMO
crop landscape <i class="material-icons">crop_landscape</i> crop_landscape DEMO
crop original <i class="material-icons">crop_original</i> crop_original DEMO
crop portrait <i class="material-icons">crop_portrait</i> crop_portrait DEMO
crop rotate <i class="material-icons">crop_rotate</i> crop_rotate DEMO
crop square <i class="material-icons">crop_square</i> crop_square DEMO
dehaze <i class="material-icons">dehaze</i> dehaze DEMO
details <i class="material-icons">details</i> details DEMO
edit <i class="material-icons">edit</i> edit DEMO
exposure <i class="material-icons">exposure</i> exposure DEMO
exposure neg 1 <i class="material-icons">exposure_neg_1</i> exposure_neg_1 DEMO
exposure neg 2 <i class="material-icons">exposure_neg_2</i> exposure_neg_2 DEMO
exposure plus 1 <i class="material-icons">exposure_plus_1</i> exposure_plus_1 DEMO
exposure plus 2 <i class="material-icons">exposure_plus_2</i> exposure_plus_2 DEMO
exposure zero <i class="material-icons">exposure_zero</i> exposure_zero DEMO
filter <i class="material-icons">filter</i> filter DEMO
filter 1 <i class="material-icons">filter_1</i> filter_1 DEMO
filter 2 <i class="material-icons">filter_2</i> filter_2 DEMO
filter 3 <i class="material-icons">filter_3</i> filter_3 DEMO
filter 4 <i class="material-icons">filter_4</i> filter_4 DEMO
filter 5 <i class="material-icons">filter_5</i> filter_5 DEMO
filter 6 <i class="material-icons">filter_6</i> filter_6 DEMO
filter 7 <i class="material-icons">filter_7</i> filter_7 DEMO
filter 8 <i class="material-icons">filter_8</i> filter_8 DEMO
filter 9 <i class="material-icons">filter_9</i> filter_9 DEMO
filter 9 plus <i class="material-icons">filter_9_plus</i> filter_9_plus DEMO
filter b and w <i class="material-icons">filter_b_and_w</i> filter_b_and_w DEMO
filter center focus <i class="material-icons">filter_center_focus</i> filter_center_focus DEMO
filter drama <i class="material-icons">filter_drama</i> filter_drama DEMO
filter frames <i class="material-icons">filter_frames</i> filter_frames DEMO
filter hdr <i class="material-icons">filter_hdr</i> filter_hdr DEMO
filter none <i class="material-icons">filter_none</i> filter_none DEMO
filter tilt shift <i class="material-icons">filter_tilt_shift</i> filter_tilt_shift DEMO
filter vintage <i class="material-icons">filter_vintage</i> filter_vintage DEMO
flare <i class="material-icons">flare</i> flare DEMO
flash auto <i class="material-icons">flash_auto</i> flash_auto DEMO
flash off <i class="material-icons">flash_off</i> flash_off DEMO
flash on <i class="material-icons">flash_on</i> flash_on DEMO
flip <i class="material-icons">flip</i> flip DEMO
gradient <i class="material-icons">gradient</i> gradient DEMO
grain <i class="material-icons">grain</i> grain DEMO
grid off <i class="material-icons">grid_off</i> grid_off DEMO
grid on <i class="material-icons">grid_on</i> grid_on DEMO
hdr off <i class="material-icons">hdr_off</i> hdr_off DEMO
hdr on <i class="material-icons">hdr_on</i> hdr_on DEMO
hdr strong <i class="material-icons">hdr_strong</i> hdr_strong DEMO
hdr weak <i class="material-icons">hdr_weak</i> hdr_weak DEMO
healing <i class="material-icons">healing</i> healing DEMO
image <i class="material-icons">image</i> image DEMO
image aspect ratio <i class="material-icons">image_aspect_ratio</i> image_aspect_ratio DEMO
iso <i class="material-icons">iso</i> iso DEMO
landscape <i class="material-icons">landscape</i> landscape DEMO
leak add <i class="material-icons">leak_add</i> leak_add DEMO
leak remove <i class="material-icons">leak_remove</i> leak_remove DEMO
lens <i class="material-icons">lens</i> lens DEMO
linked camera <i class="material-icons">linked_camera</i> linked_camera DEMO
looks <i class="material-icons">looks</i> looks DEMO
looks 3 <i class="material-icons">looks_3</i> looks_3 DEMO
looks 4 <i class="material-icons">looks_4</i> looks_4 DEMO
looks 5 <i class="material-icons">looks_5</i> looks_5 DEMO
looks 6 <i class="material-icons">looks_6</i> looks_6 DEMO
looks one <i class="material-icons">looks_one</i> looks_one DEMO
looks two <i class="material-icons">looks_two</i> looks_two DEMO
loupe <i class="material-icons">loupe</i> loupe DEMO
monochrome photos <i class="material-icons">monochrome_photos</i> monochrome_photos DEMO
movie creation <i class="material-icons">movie_creation</i> movie_creation DEMO
movie filter <i class="material-icons">movie_filter</i> movie_filter DEMO
music note <i class="material-icons">music_note</i> music_note DEMO
nature <i class="material-icons">nature</i> nature DEMO
nature people <i class="material-icons">nature_people</i> nature_people DEMO
navigate before <i class="material-icons">navigate_before</i> navigate_before DEMO
navigate next <i class="material-icons">navigate_next</i> navigate_next DEMO
palette <i class="material-icons">palette</i> palette DEMO
panorama <i class="material-icons">panorama</i> panorama DEMO
panorama fish eye <i class="material-icons">panorama_fish_eye</i> panorama_fish_eye DEMO
panorama horizontal <i class="material-icons">panorama_horizontal</i> panorama_horizontal DEMO
panorama vertical <i class="material-icons">panorama_vertical</i> panorama_vertical DEMO
panorama wide angle <i class="material-icons">panorama_wide_angle</i> panorama_wide_angle DEMO
photo <i class="material-icons">photo</i> photo DEMO
photo album <i class="material-icons">photo_album</i> photo_album DEMO
photo camera <i class="material-icons">photo_camera</i> photo_camera DEMO
photo filter <i class="material-icons">photo_filter</i> photo_filter DEMO
photo library <i class="material-icons">photo_library</i> photo_library DEMO
photo size select actual <i class="material-icons">photo_size_select_actual</i> photo_size_select_actual DEMO
photo size select large <i class="material-icons">photo_size_select_large</i> photo_size_select_large DEMO
photo size select small <i class="material-icons">photo_size_select_small</i> photo_size_select_small DEMO
picture as pdf <i class="material-icons">picture_as_pdf</i> picture_as_pdf DEMO
portrait <i class="material-icons">portrait</i> portrait DEMO
remove red eye <i class="material-icons">remove_red_eye</i> remove_red_eye DEMO
rotate 90 degrees ccw <i class="material-icons">rotate_90_degrees_ccw</i> rotate_90_degrees_ccw DEMO
rotate left <i class="material-icons">rotate_left</i> rotate_left DEMO
rotate right <i class="material-icons">rotate_right</i> rotate_right DEMO
slideshow <i class="material-icons">slideshow</i> slideshow DEMO
straighten <i class="material-icons">straighten</i> straighten DEMO
style <i class="material-icons">style</i> style DEMO
switch camera <i class="material-icons">switch_camera</i> switch_camera DEMO
switch video <i class="material-icons">switch_video</i> switch_video DEMO
tag faces <i class="material-icons">tag_faces</i> tag_faces DEMO
texture <i class="material-icons">texture</i> texture DEMO
timelapse <i class="material-icons">timelapse</i> timelapse DEMO
timer <i class="material-icons">timer</i> timer DEMO
timer 10 <i class="material-icons">timer_10</i> timer_10 DEMO
timer 3 <i class="material-icons">timer_3</i> timer_3 DEMO
timer off <i class="material-icons">timer_off</i> timer_off DEMO
tonality <i class="material-icons">tonality</i> tonality DEMO
transform <i class="material-icons">transform</i> transform DEMO
tune <i class="material-icons">tune</i> tune DEMO
view comfy <i class="material-icons">view_comfy</i> view_comfy DEMO
view compact <i class="material-icons">view_compact</i> view_compact DEMO
vignette <i class="material-icons">vignette</i> vignette DEMO
wb auto <i class="material-icons">wb_auto</i> wb_auto DEMO
wb cloudy <i class="material-icons">wb_cloudy</i> wb_cloudy DEMO
wb incandescent <i class="material-icons">wb_incandescent</i> wb_incandescent DEMO
wb iridescent <i class="material-icons">wb_iridescent</i> wb_iridescent DEMO
wb sunny <i class="material-icons">wb_sunny</i> wb_sunny DEMO

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