Font Awesome Brand Icons

Here we will learn different type of brand icons in font awesome with examples.

Font Awesome Brand Icons

Font awesome provides different type of brand icons like apple, google, skype, facebook twitter, instagram, microsoft, windows, paypal, firefox, linkedin, etc.


Following table shows list of brand icons available in font awesome.


NameUsage DescriptionIconExample
500px <i class="fa fa-500px"></i> DEMO
adn <i class="fa fa-adn"></i> DEMO
amazon <i class="fa fa-amazon"></i> DEMO
android <i class="fa fa-android"></i> DEMO
angellist <i class="fa fa-angellist"></i> DEMO
apple <i class="fa fa-apple"></i> DEMO
behance <i class="fa fa-behance"></i> DEMO
behance-square <i class="fa fa-behance-square"></i> DEMO
bitbucket <i class="fa fa-bitbucket"></i> DEMO
bitbucket-square <i class="fa fa-bitbucket-square"></i> DEMO
bitcoin <i class="fa fa-bitcoin"></i> DEMO
black-tie <i class="fa fa-black-tie"></i> DEMO
bluetooth <i class="fa fa-bluetooth"></i> DEMO
bluetooth-b <i class="fa fa-bluetooth-b"></i> DEMO
btc <i class="fa fa-btc"></i> DEMO
buysellads <i class="fa fa-buysellads"></i> DEMO
cc-amex <i class="fa fa-cc-amex"></i> DEMO
cc-diners-club <i class="fa fa-cc-diners-club"></i> DEMO
cc-discover <i class="fa fa-cc-discover"></i> DEMO
cc-jcb <i class="fa fa-cc-jcb"></i> DEMO
cc-mastercard <i class="fa fa-cc-mastercard"></i> DEMO
cc-paypal <i class="fa fa-cc-paypal"></i> DEMO
cc-stripe <i class="fa fa-cc-stripe"></i> DEMO
cc-visa <i class="fa fa-cc-visa"></i> DEMO
chrome <i class="fa fa-chrome"></i> DEMO
codepen <i class="fa fa-codepen"></i> DEMO
codiepie <i class="fa fa-codiepie"></i> DEMO
connectdevelop <i class="fa fa-connectdevelop"></i> DEMO
contao <i class="fa fa-contao"></i> DEMO
css3 <i class="fa fa-css3"></i> DEMO
dashcube <i class="fa fa-dashcube"></i> DEMO
delicious <i class="fa fa-delicious"></i> DEMO
deviantart <i class="fa fa-deviantart"></i> DEMO
digg <i class="fa fa-digg"></i> DEMO
dribbble <i class="fa fa-dribbble"></i> DEMO
dropbox <i class="fa fa-dropbox"></i> DEMO
drupal <i class="fa fa-drupal"></i> DEMO
edge <i class="fa fa-edge"></i> DEMO
empire <i class="fa fa-empire"></i> DEMO
expeditedssl <i class="fa fa-expeditedssl"></i> DEMO
facebook <i class="fa fa-facebook"></i> DEMO
facebook-f <i class="fa fa-facebook-f"></i> DEMO
facebook-official <i class="fa fa-facebook-official"></i> DEMO
facebook-square <i class="fa fa-facebook-square"></i> DEMO
firefox <i class="fa fa-firefox"></i> DEMO
flickr <i class="fa fa-flickr"></i> DEMO
fonticons <i class="fa fa-fonticons"></i> DEMO
fort-awesome <i class="fa fa-fort-awesome"></i> DEMO
forumbee <i class="fa fa-forumbee"></i> DEMO
foursquare <i class="fa fa-foursquare"></i> DEMO
ge <i class="fa fa-ge"></i> DEMO
get-pocket <i class="fa fa-get-pocket"></i> DEMO
gg-circle <i class="fa fa-gg-circle"></i> DEMO
git <i class="fa fa-git"></i> DEMO
git-square <i class="fa fa-git-square"></i> DEMO
github <i class="fa fa-github"></i> DEMO
github-alt <i class="fa fa-github-alt"></i> DEMO
github-square <i class="fa fa-github-square"></i> DEMO
gittip <i class="fa fa-gittip"></i> DEMO
google <i class="fa fa-google"></i> DEMO
google-plus <i class="fa fa-google-plus"></i> DEMO
google-plus-square <i class="fa fa-google-plus-square"></i> DEMO
google-wallet <i class="fa fa-google-wallet"></i> DEMO
gratipay <i class="fa fa-gratipay"></i> DEMO
hacker-news <i class="fa fa-hacker-news"></i> DEMO
houzz <i class="fa fa-houzz"></i> DEMO
html5 <i class="fa fa-html5"></i> DEMO
instagram <i class="fa fa-instagram"></i> DEMO
internet-explorer <i class="fa fa-internet-explorer"></i> DEMO
ioxhost <i class="fa fa-ioxhost"></i> DEMO
joomla <i class="fa fa-joomla"></i> DEMO
jsfiddle <i class="fa fa-jsfiddle"></i> DEMO
lastfm <i class="fa fa-lastfm"></i> DEMO
lastfm-square <i class="fa fa-lastfm-square"></i> DEMO
leanpub <i class="fa fa-leanpub"></i> DEMO
linkedin <i class="fa fa-linkedin"></i> DEMO
linkedin-square <i class="fa fa-linkedin-square"></i> DEMO
linux <i class="fa fa-linux"></i> DEMO
maxcdn <i class="fa fa-maxcdn"></i> DEMO
meanpath <i class="fa fa-meanpath"></i> DEMO
medium <i class="fa fa-medium"></i> DEMO
mixcloud <i class="fa fa-mixcloud"></i> DEMO
modx <i class="fa fa-modx"></i> DEMO
odnoklassniki <i class="fa fa-odnoklassniki"></i> DEMO
odnoklassniki-square <i class="fa fa-odnoklassniki-square"></i> DEMO
opencart <i class="fa fa-opencart"></i> DEMO
openid <i class="fa fa-openid"></i> DEMO
opera <i class="fa fa-opera"></i> DEMO
optin-monster <i class="fa fa-optin-monster"></i> DEMO
pagelines <i class="fa fa-pagelines"></i> DEMO
paypal <i class="fa fa-paypal"></i> DEMO
pied-piper <i class="fa fa-pied-piper"></i> DEMO
pied-piper-alt <i class="fa fa-pied-piper-alt"></i> DEMO
pinterest <i class="fa fa-pinterest"></i> DEMO
pinterest-p <i class="fa fa-pinterest-p"></i> DEMO
pinterest-square <i class="fa fa-pinterest-square"></i> DEMO
product-hunt <i class="fa fa-product-hunt"></i> DEMO
qq <i class="fa fa-qq"></i> DEMO
ra <i class="fa fa-ra"></i> DEMO
rebel <i class="fa fa-rebel"></i> DEMO
reddit <i class="fa fa-reddit"></i> DEMO
reddit-alien <i class="fa fa-reddit-alien"></i> DEMO
reddit-square <i class="fa fa-reddit-square"></i> DEMO
renren <i class="fa fa-renren"></i> DEMO
safari <i class="fa fa-safari"></i> DEMO
scribd <i class="fa fa-scribd"></i> DEMO
sellsy <i class="fa fa-sellsy"></i> DEMO
share-alt <i class="fa fa-share-alt"></i> DEMO
share-alt-square <i class="fa fa-share-alt-square"></i> DEMO
shirtsinbulk <i class="fa fa-shirtsinbulk"></i> DEMO
simplybuilt <i class="fa fa-simplybuilt"></i> DEMO
skyatlas <i class="fa fa-skyatlas"></i> DEMO
skype <i class="fa fa-skype"></i> DEMO
slack <i class="fa fa-slack"></i> DEMO
slideshare <i class="fa fa-slideshare"></i> DEMO
soundcloud <i class="fa fa-soundcloud"></i> DEMO
spotify <i class="fa fa-spotify"></i> DEMO
stack-exchange <i class="fa fa-stack-exchange"></i> DEMO
stack-overflow <i class="fa fa-stack-overflow"></i> DEMO
steam <i class="fa fa-steam"></i> DEMO
steam-square <i class="fa fa-steam-square"></i> DEMO
stumbleupon <i class="fa fa-stumbleupon"></i> DEMO
stumbleupon-circle <i class="fa fa-stumbleupon-circle"></i> DEMO
tencent-weibo <i class="fa fa-tencent-weibo"></i> DEMO
trello <i class="fa fa-trello"></i> DEMO
tripadvisor <i class="fa fa-tripadvisor"></i> DEMO
tumblr <i class="fa fa-tumblr"></i> DEMO
tumblr-square <i class="fa fa-tumblr-square"></i> DEMO
twitch <i class="fa fa-twitch"></i> DEMO
twitter <i class="fa fa-twitter"></i> DEMO
twitter-square <i class="fa fa-twitter-square"></i> DEMO
usb <i class="fa fa-usb"></i> DEMO
viacoin <i class="fa fa-viacoin"></i> DEMO
vimeo <i class="fa fa-vimeo"></i> DEMO
vimeo-square <i class="fa fa-vimeo-square"></i> DEMO
vine <i class="fa fa-vine"></i> DEMO
vk <i class="fa fa-vk"></i> DEMO
wechat <i class="fa fa-wechat"></i> DEMO
weibo <i class="fa fa-weibo"></i> DEMO
weixin <i class="fa fa-weixin"></i> DEMO
whatsapp <i class="fa fa-whatsapp"></i> DEMO
wikipedia-w <i class="fa fa-wikipedia-w"></i> DEMO
windows <i class="fa fa-windows"></i> DEMO
wordpress <i class="fa fa-wordpress"></i> DEMO
xing <i class="fa fa-xing"></i> DEMO
xing-square <i class="fa fa-xing-square"></i> DEMO
y-combinator <i class="fa fa-y-combinator"></i> DEMO
y-combinator-square <i class="fa fa-y-combinator-square"></i> DEMO
yahoo <i class="fa fa-yahoo"></i> DEMO
yc <i class="fa fa-yc"></i> DEMO
yc-square <i class="fa fa-yc-square"></i> DEMO
yelp <i class="fa fa-yelp"></i> DEMO
youtube <i class="fa fa-youtube"></i> DEMO
youtube-play <i class="fa fa-youtube-play"></i> DEMO
youtube-square <i class="fa fa-youtube-square"></i> DEMO

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