Google Material Design Places Icons

Here we will learn places icons in google material design with examples and different type of places icons (casino, business center, golf course, free breakfast, hot tub, child friendly, etc.) in google material design with examples.

Google Material Design Places Icons

Google material design is having different type of places icons available those are wifi, room service / business center, child friendly, ac unit, airport shuttle, etc.


Following table shows the list of available places icons in google material design.


NameUsage DescriptionIconExample
ac unit <i class="material-icons">ac_unit</i> ac_unit DEMO
airport shuttle <i class="material-icons">airport_shuttle</i> airport_shuttle DEMO
all inclusive <i class="material-icons">all_inclusive</i> all_inclusive DEMO
beach access <i class="material-icons">beach_access</i> beach_access DEMO
business center <i class="material-icons">business_center</i> business_center DEMO
casino <i class="material-icons">casino</i> casino DEMO
child care <i class="material-icons">child_care</i> child_care DEMO
child friendly <i class="material-icons">child_friendly</i> child_friendly DEMO
fitness center <i class="material-icons">fitness_center</i> fitness_center DEMO
free breakfast <i class="material-icons">free_breakfast</i> free_breakfast DEMO
golf course <i class="material-icons">golf_course</i> golf_course DEMO
hot tub <i class="material-icons">hot_tub</i> hot_tub DEMO
kitchen <i class="material-icons">kitchen</i> kitchen DEMO
pool <i class="material-icons">pool</i> pool DEMO
room service <i class="material-icons">room_service</i> room_service DEMO
rv hookup <i class="material-icons">rv_hookup</i> rv_hookup DEMO
smoke free <i class="material-icons">smoke_free</i> smoke_free DEMO
smoking rooms <i class="material-icons">smoking_rooms</i> smoking_rooms DEMO
spa <i class="material-icons">spa</i> spa DEMO

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