Google Material Design Map Icons

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Here we will learn map icons in google material design with examples and different type of map icons (flight, hotel, restaurant, satellite, directions, local movies, local malls, etc.) in google material design with examples.

Google Material Design Map Icons

Google material design is having different type of map icons available those are subway, terrain, traffic, add location, directions bike / car / bus, local atm / bar /cafe, etc.


Following table shows the list of available map icons in google material design.


NameUsage DescriptionIconExample
add location <i class="material-icons">add_location</i> add_location DEMO
beenhere <i class="material-icons">beenhere</i> beenhere DEMO
directions <i class="material-icons">directions</i> directions DEMO
directions bike <i class="material-icons">directions_bike</i> directions_bike DEMO
directions boat <i class="material-icons">directions_boat</i> directions_boat DEMO
directions bus <i class="material-icons">directions_bus</i> directions_bus DEMO
directions car <i class="material-icons">directions_car</i> directions_car DEMO
directions railway <i class="material-icons">directions_railway</i> directions_railway DEMO
directions run <i class="material-icons">directions_run</i> directions_run DEMO
directions subway <i class="material-icons">directions_subway</i> directions_subway DEMO
directions transit <i class="material-icons">directions_transit</i> directions_transit DEMO
directions walk <i class="material-icons">directions_walk</i> directions_walk DEMO
edit location <i class="material-icons">edit_location</i> edit_location DEMO
ev station <i class="material-icons">ev_station</i> ev_station DEMO
flight <i class="material-icons">flight</i> flight DEMO
hotel <i class="material-icons">hotel</i> hotel DEMO
layers <i class="material-icons">layers</i> layers DEMO
layers clear <i class="material-icons">layers_clear</i> layers_clear DEMO
local activity <i class="material-icons">local_activity</i> local_activity DEMO
local airport <i class="material-icons">local_airport</i> local_airport DEMO
local atm <i class="material-icons">local_atm</i> local_atm DEMO
local bar <i class="material-icons">local_bar</i> local_bar DEMO
local cafe <i class="material-icons">local_cafe</i> local_cafe DEMO
local car wash <i class="material-icons">local_car_wash</i> local_car_wash DEMO
local convenience store <i class="material-icons">local_convenience_store</i> directions_transit DEMO
local dining <i class="material-icons">local_dining</i> local_dining DEMO
local drink <i class="material-icons">local_drink</i> local_drink DEMO
local florist <i class="material-icons">local_florist</i> local_florist DEMO
local gas station <i class="material-icons">local_gas_station</i> local_gas_station DEMO
local grocery store <i class="material-icons">local_grocery_store</i> local_grocery_store DEMO
local hospital <i class="material-icons">local_hospital</i> local_hospital DEMO
local hotel <i class="material-icons">local_hotel</i> local_hotel DEMO
local laundry service <i class="material-icons">local_laundry_service</i> local_laundry_service DEMO
local library <i class="material-icons">local_library</i> local_library DEMO
local mall <i class="material-icons">local_mall</i> local_mall DEMO
local movies <i class="material-icons">local_movies</i> local_movies DEMO
local offer <i class="material-icons">local_offer</i> local_offer DEMO
local parking <i class="material-icons">local_parking</i> local_parking DEMO
local pharmacy <i class="material-icons">local_pharmacy</i> local_pharmacy DEMO
local phone <i class="material-icons">local_phone</i> local_phone DEMO
local pizza <i class="material-icons">local_pizza</i> local_pizza DEMO
local play <i class="material-icons">local_play</i> local_play DEMO
local post office <i class="material-icons">local_post_office</i> local_post_office DEMO
local printshop <i class="material-icons">local_printshop</i> local_printshop DEMO
local see <i class="material-icons">local_see</i> local_see DEMO
local shipping <i class="material-icons">local_shipping</i> local_shipping DEMO
local taxi <i class="material-icons">local_taxi</i> local_taxi DEMO
map <i class="material-icons">map</i> map DEMO
my location <i class="material-icons">my_location</i> my_location DEMO
navigation <i class="material-icons">navigation</i> navigation DEMO
near me <i class="material-icons">near_me</i> near_me DEMO
person pin <i class="material-icons">person_pin</i> person_pin DEMO
person pin circle <i class="material-icons">person_pin_circle</i> person_pin_circle DEMO
pin drop <i class="material-icons">pin_drop</i> pin_drop DEMO
place <i class="material-icons">place</i> place DEMO
rate review <i class="material-icons">rate_review</i> rate_review DEMO
restaurant <i class="material-icons">restaurant</i> restaurant DEMO
restaurant menu <i class="material-icons">restaurant_menu</i> restaurant_menu DEMO
satellite <i class="material-icons">satellite</i> satellite DEMO
store mall directory <i class="material-icons">store_mall_directory</i> store_mall_directory DEMO
streetview <i class="material-icons">streetview</i> streetview DEMO
subway <i class="material-icons">subway</i> subway DEMO
terrain <i class="material-icons">terrain</i> terrain DEMO
traffic <i class="material-icons">traffic</i> traffic DEMO
train <i class="material-icons">train</i> train DEMO
tram <i class="material-icons">tram</i> tram DEMO
transfer within a station <i class="material-icons">transfer_within_a_station</i> transfer_within_a_station DEMO
zoom out map <i class="material-icons">zoom_out_map</i> zoom_out_map DEMO

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