Font Awesome File Type Icons

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Here we will learn font awesome file type icons with examples and different type of file type icons (file audio, file video, file pdf, file image, file zip, file word, file excel, file text, file movie, etc) with examples.

Font Awesome File Type Icons

Font awesome provides different type of file type icons those are file, file archive, file audio, file video, file photo, file picture, file powerpoint, etc. By using these icons we can show these icons for file related actions.


Following table shows list of file type icons available in font awesome.


NameUsage DescriptionIconExample
file <i class="fa fa-file"></i> DEMO
file-archive-o <i class="fa fa-file-archive-o"></i> DEMO
file-audio-o <i class="fa fa-file-audio-o"></i> DEMO
file-code-o <i class="fa fa-file-code-o"></i> DEMO
file-excel-o <i class="fa fa-file-excel-o"></i> DEMO
file-image-o <i class="fa fa-file-image-o"></i> DEMO
file-movie-o <i class="fa fa-file-movie-o"></i> DEMO
file-o <i class="fa fa-file-o"></i> DEMO
file-pdf-o <i class="fa fa-file-pdf-o"></i> DEMO
file-photo-o <i class="fa fa-file-photo-o"></i> DEMO
file-picture-o <i class="fa fa-file-picture-o"></i> DEMO
file-powerpoint-o <i class="fa fa-file-powerpoint-o"></i> DEMO
file-sound-o <i class="fa fa-file-sound-o"></i> DEMO
file-text <i class="fa fa-file-text"></i> DEMO
file-text-o <i class="fa fa-file-text-o"></i> DEMO
file-video-o <i class="fa fa-file-video-o"></i> DEMO
file-word-o <i class="fa fa-file-word-o"></i> DEMO
file-zip-o <i class="fa fa-file-zip-o"></i> DEMO