Google Material Design Content Icons

Here we will learn content icons in google material design with examples and different type of content icons (content cut / cop / paste, archieve, forward, remove, reply, send, weekend, etc.) in material design with examples.

Google Material Design Content Icons

Google providers different type of content icons using material design those are report, select all, undo, mail, link, inbox, filter list, flag, etc.


Following table shows the list of content icons available in google material design.


NameUsage DescriptionIconExample
add <i class="material-icons">add</i> add DEMO
add box <i class="material-icons">add_box</i> add_box DEMO
add circle <i class="material-icons">add_circle</i> add_circle DEMO
add circle outline <i class="material-icons">add_circle_outline</i> add_circle_outline DEMO
archive <i class="material-icons">archive</i> archive DEMO
backspace <i class="material-icons">backspace</i> backspace DEMO
block <i class="material-icons">block</i> block DEMO
clear <i class="material-icons">clear</i> clear DEMO
content copy <i class="material-icons">content_copy</i> content_copy DEMO
content cut <i class="material-icons">content_cut</i> content_cut DEMO
content paste <i class="material-icons">content_paste</i> content_paste DEMO
create <i class="material-icons">create</i> create DEMO
delete sweep <i class="material-icons">delete_sweep</i> delete_sweep DEMO
drafts <i class="material-icons">drafts</i> drafts DEMO
filter list <i class="material-icons">filter_list</i> filter_list DEMO
flag <i class="material-icons">flag</i> flag DEMO
font download <i class="material-icons">font_download</i> font_download DEMO
forward <i class="material-icons">forward</i> forward DEMO
gesture <i class="material-icons">gesture</i> gesture DEMO
inbox <i class="material-icons">inbox</i> inbox DEMO
link <i class="material-icons">link</i> link DEMO
low priority <i class="material-icons">low_priority</i> low_priority DEMO
mail <i class="material-icons">mail</i> mail DEMO
markunread <i class="material-icons">markunread</i> markunread DEMO
move to inbox <i class="material-icons">move_to_inbox</i> move_to_inbox DEMO
next week <i class="material-icons">next_week</i> next_week DEMO
redo <i class="material-icons">redo</i> redo DEMO
remove <i class="material-icons">remove</i> remove DEMO
remove circle <i class="material-icons">remove_circle</i> remove_circle DEMO
remove circle outline <i class="material-icons">remove_circle_outline</i> remove_circle_outline DEMO
reply <i class="material-icons">reply</i> reply DEMO
reply all <i class="material-icons">reply_all</i> reply_all DEMO
report <i class="material-icons">report</i> report DEMO
save <i class="material-icons">save</i> save DEMO
select all <i class="material-icons">select_all</i> select_all DEMO
send <i class="material-icons">send</i> send DEMO
sort <i class="material-icons">sort</i> sort DEMO
text format <i class="material-icons">text_format</i> text_format DEMO
unarchive <i class="material-icons">unarchive</i> unarchive DEMO
undo <i class="material-icons">undo</i> undo DEMO
weekend <i class="material-icons">weekend</i> weekend DEMO

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