Google Material Design Communication Icons

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Here we will learn communication icons in google material design with examples and different type of communication icons () in google material design with examples.

Google Material Design Communication Icons

Google provides different type of communication related font icons using material design those are contacts, email, phone, sim, import contacts, phone lock / ring, speaker phone, etc.


Following table shows the list of communication icons available in google material design.


NameUsage DescriptionIconExample
business <i class="material-icons">business</i> business DEMO
call <i class="material-icons">call</i> call DEMO
call end <i class="material-icons">call_end</i> call_end DEMO
call made <i class="material-icons">call_made</i> call_made DEMO
call merge <i class="material-icons">call_merge</i> call_merge DEMO
call missed <i class="material-icons">call_missed</i> call_missed DEMO
call missed outgoing <i class="material-icons">call_missed_outgoing</i> call_missed_outgoing DEMO
call received <i class="material-icons">call_received</i> call_received DEMO
call split <i class="material-icons">call_split</i> call_split DEMO
chat <i class="material-icons">chat</i> chat DEMO
chat bubble <i class="material-icons">chat_bubble</i> chat_bubble DEMO
chat bubble outline <i class="material-icons">chat_bubble_outline</i> chat_bubble_outline DEMO
clear all <i class="material-icons">clear_all</i> clear_all DEMO
comment <i class="material-icons">comment</i> comment DEMO
contact mail <i class="material-icons">contact_mail</i> contact_mail DEMO
contact phone <i class="material-icons">contact_phone</i> contact_phone DEMO
contacts <i class="material-icons">contacts</i> contacts DEMO
dialer sip <i class="material-icons">dialer_sip</i> dialer_sip DEMO
dialpad <i class="material-icons">dialpad</i> dialpad DEMO
email <i class="material-icons">email</i> email DEMO
forum <i class="material-icons">forum</i> forum DEMO
import contacts <i class="material-icons">import_contacts</i> import_contacts DEMO
import export <i class="material-icons">import_export</i> import_export DEMO
invert colors off <i class="material-icons">invert_colors_off</i> invert_colors_off DEMO
live help <i class="material-icons">live_help</i> live_help DEMO
location off <i class="material-icons">location_off</i> location_off DEMO
location on <i class="material-icons">location_on</i> location_on DEMO
mail outline <i class="material-icons">mail_outline</i> mail_outline DEMO
message <i class="material-icons">message</i> message DEMO
no sim <i class="material-icons">no_sim</i> no_sim DEMO
phone <i class="material-icons">phone</i> phone DEMO
phonelink erase <i class="material-icons">phonelink_erase</i> phonelink_erase DEMO
phonelink lock <i class="material-icons">phonelink_lock</i> phonelink_lock DEMO
phonelink ring <i class="material-icons">phonelink_ring</i> phonelink_ring DEMO
phonelink setup <i class="material-icons">phonelink_setup</i> phonelink_setup DEMO
portable wifi off <i class="material-icons">portable_wifi_off</i> portable_wifi_off DEMO
present to all <i class="material-icons">present_to_all</i> present_to_all DEMO
ring volume <i class="material-icons">ring_volume</i> ring_volume DEMO
rss feed <i class="material-icons">rss_feed</i> rss_feed DEMO
screen share <i class="material-icons">screen_share</i> screen_share DEMO
speaker phone <i class="material-icons">speaker_phone</i> speaker_phone DEMO
stay current landscape <i class="material-icons">stay_current_landscape</i> stay_current_landscape DEMO
stay current portrait <i class="material-icons">stay_current_portrait</i> stay_current_portrait DEMO
stay primary landscape <i class="material-icons">stay_primary_landscape</i> stay_primary_landscape DEMO
stay primary portrait <i class="material-icons">stay_primary_portrait</i> stay_primary_portrait DEMO
stop screen share <i class="material-icons">stop_screen_share</i> stop_screen_share DEMO
swap calls <i class="material-icons">swap_calls</i> swap_calls DEMO
textsms <i class="material-icons">textsms</i> textsms DEMO
voicemail <i class="material-icons">voicemail</i> voicemail DEMO
vpn key <i class="material-icons">vpn_key</i> vpn_key DEMO