Google Material Design AV (Audio & Video) Icons

Here we will learn av (audio & video) icons in google material design with examples and different type of audio & video icons (shuffle, reply, next, skip, radio, volumn on / off, playlist, video cam, video call, etc.) in google material design with examples.

Google Material Design AV (Audio & Video) Icons

Google material design provides different type of audio and video icons those are play, pause, movie, mic, mute, library, games, fiber, equalizer, etc.


Following table shows the list of av (audio & video) icons available in google material design.


NameUsage DescriptionIconExample
add to queue <i class="material-icons">add_to_queue</i> add_to_queue DEMO
airplay <i class="material-icons">airplay</i> airplay DEMO
album <i class="material-icons">album</i> album DEMO
art track <i class="material-icons">art_track</i> art_track DEMO
av timer <i class="material-icons">av_timer</i> av_timer DEMO
branding watermark <i class="material-icons">branding_watermark</i> branding_watermark DEMO
call to action <i class="material-icons">call_to_action</i> call_to_action DEMO
closed caption <i class="material-icons">closed_caption</i> closed_caption DEMO
equalizer <i class="material-icons">equalizer</i> equalizer DEMO
explicit <i class="material-icons">explicit</i> explicit DEMO
fast forward <i class="material-icons">fast_forward</i> fast_forward DEMO
fast rewind <i class="material-icons">fast_rewind</i> fast_rewind DEMO
featured play list <i class="material-icons">featured_play_list</i> featured_play_list DEMO
featured video <i class="material-icons">featured_video</i> featured_video DEMO
fiber dvr <i class="material-icons">fiber_dvr</i> fiber_dvr DEMO
fiber manual record <i class="material-icons">fiber_manual_record</i> fiber_manual_record DEMO
fiber new <i class="material-icons">fiber_new</i> fiber_new DEMO
fiber pin <i class="material-icons">fiber_pin</i> fiber_pin DEMO
fiber smart record <i class="material-icons">fiber_smart_record</i> fiber_smart_record DEMO
forward 10 <i class="material-icons">forward_10</i> forward_10 DEMO
forward 30 <i class="material-icons">forward_30</i> forward_30 DEMO
forward 5 <i class="material-icons">forward_5</i> forward_5 DEMO
games <i class="material-icons">games</i> games DEMO
hd <i class="material-icons">hd</i> hd DEMO
hearing <i class="material-icons">hearing</i> hearing DEMO
high quality <i class="material-icons">high_quality</i> high_quality DEMO
library add <i class="material-icons">library_add</i> library_add DEMO
library books <i class="material-icons">library_books</i> library_books DEMO
library music <i class="material-icons">library_music</i> library_music DEMO
loop <i class="material-icons">loop</i> loop DEMO
mic <i class="material-icons">mic</i> mic DEMO
mic none <i class="material-icons">mic_none</i> mic_none DEMO
mic off <i class="material-icons">mic_off</i> mic_off DEMO
movie <i class="material-icons">movie</i> movie DEMO
music video <i class="material-icons">music_video</i> music_video DEMO
new releases <i class="material-icons">new_releases</i> new_releases DEMO
not interested <i class="material-icons">not_interested</i> not_interested DEMO
note <i class="material-icons">note</i> note DEMO
pause <i class="material-icons">pause</i> pause DEMO
pause circle filled <i class="material-icons">pause_circle_filled</i> pause_circle_filled DEMO
pause circle outline <i class="material-icons">pause_circle_outline</i> pause_circle_outline DEMO
play arrow <i class="material-icons">play_arrow</i> play_arrow DEMO
play circle filled <i class="material-icons">play_circle_filled</i> play_circle_filled DEMO
play circle outline <i class="material-icons">play_circle_outline</i> play_circle_outline DEMO
playlist add <i class="material-icons">playlist_add</i> playlist_add DEMO
playlist add check <i class="material-icons">playlist_add_check</i> playlist_add_check DEMO
playlist play <i class="material-icons">playlist_play</i> playlist_play DEMO
queue <i class="material-icons">queue</i> queue DEMO
queue music <i class="material-icons">queue_music</i> queue_music DEMO
queue play next <i class="material-icons">queue_play_next</i> queue_play_next DEMO
radio <i class="material-icons">radio</i> radio DEMO
recent actors <i class="material-icons">recent_actors</i> recent_actors DEMO
remove from queue <i class="material-icons">remove_from_queue</i> remove_from_queue DEMO
repeat <i class="material-icons">repeat</i> repeat DEMO
repeat one <i class="material-icons">repeat_one</i> repeat_one DEMO
replay <i class="material-icons">replay</i> replay DEMO
replay 10 <i class="material-icons">replay_10</i> replay_10 DEMO
replay 30 <i class="material-icons">replay_30</i> replay_30 DEMO
replay 5 <i class="material-icons">replay_5</i> replay_5 DEMO
shuffle <i class="material-icons">shuffle</i> shuffle DEMO
skip next <i class="material-icons">skip_next</i> skip_next DEMO
skip previous <i class="material-icons">skip_previous</i> skip_previous DEMO
slow motion video <i class="material-icons">slow_motion_video</i> slow_motion_video DEMO
snooze <i class="material-icons">snooze</i> snooze DEMO
sort by alpha <i class="material-icons">sort_by_alpha</i> sort_by_alpha DEMO
stop <i class="material-icons">stop</i> stop DEMO
subscriptions <i class="material-icons">subscriptions</i> subscriptions DEMO
subtitles <i class="material-icons">subtitles</i> subtitles DEMO
surround sound <i class="material-icons">surround_sound</i> surround_sound DEMO
video call <i class="material-icons">video_call</i> video_call DEMO
video label <i class="material-icons">video_label</i> video_label DEMO
video library <i class="material-icons">video_library</i> video_library DEMO
videocam <i class="material-icons">videocam</i> videocam DEMO
videocam off <i class="material-icons">videocam_off</i> videocam_off DEMO
volume down <i class="material-icons">volume_down</i> volume_down DEMO
volume mute <i class="material-icons">volume_mute</i> volume_mute DEMO
volume off <i class="material-icons">volume_off</i> volume_off DEMO
volume up <i class="material-icons">volume_up</i> volume_up DEMO
web <i class="material-icons">web</i> web DEMO
web asset <i class="material-icons">web_asset</i> web_asset DEMO

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