Google Material Design Notification Icons

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Here we will learn notification icons in google material design with examples and different type of notification icons (adb, airline seat individual suite, event busy, network locked, phone missed, sync disabled, vibration, etc.) in google material design with examples.

Google Material Design Notification Icons

Google material design is having different type of notification icons available those are sms, sync, sim card alert, sd card, personal video, event available, confirmation number, enhanced encryption, etc.


Following table shows the list of available notification icons in google material design.


NameUsage DescriptionIconExample
adb <i class="material-icons">adb</i> adb DEMO
airline seat flat <i class="material-icons">airline_seat_flat</i> airline_seat_flat DEMO
airline seat flat angled <i class="material-icons">airline_seat_flat_angled</i> airline_seat_flat_angled DEMO
airline seat individual suite <i class="material-icons">airline_seat_individual_suite</i> airline_seat_individual_suite DEMO
airline seat legroom extra <i class="material-icons">airline_seat_legroom_extra</i> airline_seat_legroom_extra DEMO
airline seat legroom normal <i class="material-icons">airline_seat_legroom_normal</i> airline_seat_legroom_normal DEMO
airline seat legroom reduced <i class="material-icons">airline_seat_legroom_reduced</i> airline_seat_legroom_reduced DEMO
airline seat recline extra <i class="material-icons">airline_seat_recline_extra</i> airline_seat_recline_extra DEMO
airline seat recline normal <i class="material-icons">airline_seat_recline_normal</i> airline_seat_recline_normal DEMO
bluetooth audio <i class="material-icons">bluetooth_audio</i> bluetooth_audio DEMO
confirmation number <i class="material-icons">confirmation_number</i> confirmation_number DEMO
disc full <i class="material-icons">disc_full</i> disc_full DEMO
do not disturb <i class="material-icons">do_not_disturb</i> do_not_disturb DEMO
do not disturb alt <i class="material-icons">do_not_disturb_alt</i> do_not_disturb_alt DEMO
do not disturb off <i class="material-icons">do_not_disturb_off</i> do_not_disturb_off DEMO
do not disturb on <i class="material-icons">do_not_disturb_on</i> do_not_disturb_on DEMO
drive eta <i class="material-icons">drive_eta</i> drive_eta DEMO
enhanced encryption <i class="material-icons">enhanced_encryption</i> enhanced_encryption DEMO
event available <i class="material-icons">event_available</i> event_available DEMO
event busy <i class="material-icons">event_busy</i> event_busy DEMO
event note <i class="material-icons">event_note</i> event_note DEMO
folder special <i class="material-icons">folder_special</i> folder_special DEMO
live tv <i class="material-icons">live_tv</i> live_tv DEMO
mms <i class="material-icons">mms</i> mms DEMO
more <i class="material-icons">more</i> more DEMO
network check <i class="material-icons">network_check</i> network_check DEMO
network locked <i class="material-icons">network_locked</i> network_locked DEMO
no encryption <i class="material-icons">no_encryption</i> no_encryption DEMO
ondemand video <i class="material-icons">ondemand_video</i> ondemand_video DEMO
personal video <i class="material-icons">personal_video</i> personal_video DEMO
phone bluetooth speaker <i class="material-icons">phone_bluetooth_speaker</i> phone_bluetooth_speaker DEMO
phone forwarded <i class="material-icons">phone_forwarded</i> phone_forwarded DEMO
phone in talk <i class="material-icons">phone_in_talk</i> phone_in_talk DEMO
phone locked <i class="material-icons">phone_locked</i> phone_locked DEMO
phone missed <i class="material-icons">phone_missed</i> phone_missed DEMO
phone paused <i class="material-icons">phone_paused</i> phone_paused DEMO
power <i class="material-icons">power</i> power DEMO
priority high <i class="material-icons">priority_high</i> priority_high DEMO
sd card <i class="material-icons">sd_card</i> sd_card DEMO
sim card alert <i class="material-icons">sim_card_alert</i> sim_card_alert DEMO
sms <i class="material-icons">sms</i> sms DEMO
sms failed <i class="material-icons">sms_failed</i> sms_failed DEMO
sync <i class="material-icons">sync</i> sync DEMO
sync disabled <i class="material-icons">sync_disabled</i> sync_disabled DEMO
sync problem <i class="material-icons">sync_problem</i> sync_problem DEMO
system update <i class="material-icons">system_update</i> system_update DEMO
tap and play <i class="material-icons">tap_and_play</i> tap_and_play DEMO
time to leave <i class="material-icons">time_to_leave</i> time_to_leave DEMO
vibration <i class="material-icons">vibration</i> vibration DEMO
voice chat <i class="material-icons">voice_chat</i> voice_chat DEMO
vpn lock <i class="material-icons">vpn_lock</i> vpn_lock DEMO
wc <i class="material-icons">wc</i> wc DEMO
wifi <i class="material-icons">wifi</i> wifi DEMO