Font Awesome Transportation Icons

Here we will learn transportation icons in font awesome with examples and different type of transport icons (ambulance, car, bus, ship, rocket, cab, train, bycyle, motorcycle, truck, etc.) in font awesome with examples.

Font Awesome Transportation Icons

Font awesome providers different type of transportation font icons those are car, bus, bycycle, plane, ship, rocket, taxi, train, subway, etc.


Following table show the list of transportation icons in font awesome library.


NameUsage DescriptionIconExample
ambulance <i class="fa fa-ambulance"></i> DEMO
automobile <i class="fa fa-automobile"></i> DEMO
bicycle <i class="fa fa-bicycle"></i> DEMO
bus <i class="fa fa-bus"></i> DEMO
cab <i class="fa fa-cab"></i> DEMO
car <i class="fa fa-car"></i> DEMO
fighter-jet <i class="fa fa-fighter-jet"></i> DEMO
motorcycle <i class="fa fa-motorcycle"></i> DEMO
plane <i class="fa fa-plane"></i> DEMO
rocket <i class="fa fa-rocket"></i> DEMO
ship <i class="fa fa-ship"></i> DEMO
space-shuttle <i class="fa fa-space-shuttle"></i> DEMO
subway <i class="fa fa-subway"></i> DEMO
taxi <i class="fa fa-taxi"></i> DEMO
train <i class="fa fa-train"></i> DEMO
truck <i class="fa fa-truck"></i> DEMO
wheelchair <i class="fa fa-wheelchair"></i> DEMO

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