Folder Structure in Asp.Net MVC Project (Application)

Model - view - controller (MVC) is a software architectural pattern that comes with the Model, Controller, and View Folder. Each folder has a different meaning in it. Here we will learn the complete folder structure of the mvc project or application in a detailed manner.

Model Folder

The model folder represents the data your application will work with. These classes are mostly used for accessing databases for performing various DML Operations. 

Controller Folder

The Controller folder contains all Controllers in it, and if you closely observe the names of controllers, you will find that every controller ends suffix with the “Controller” name in it. It's name convention for controllers, which we need to follow in mvc.


E.g., If we have a Controller with the name MobileController and a Model with the same name Mobile, there will be a Type clash (in case we use the same "Mobile" as controller name). For that reason, we need to write Controller in suffix.

View Folder

The View folder contains all application Views in it. If we look into this folder, it contains a Folder with the Controller's name, and it will have views related to that controller in it. If we expand the View folder, we will see a subfolder inside it with the name Shared. It will have all views that are shared among controller init.


This kind of convention will help us to reduce the time of development and help for maintenance. If you check the following image, you will clearly understand the model, view, and controller folders.


Model, view, controller folder structure in mvc

Scripts Folder

Scripts folder will contain all JavaScript files in it. It also has some jQuery validation files in it. Check the following image for the scripts folder structure.


scripts folder structure in mvc project or application

App_Data Folder

The use of App_Data is to store the database related file. Usually, SQL Server Express .mdf files and our App_data folder will be as shown below.


App_data folder in mvc project or application

Content Folder

The content folder will contain all style sheets and images inside it. Our content folder will be as shown below.


content folder in mvc project or application


If we follow all these folder structures while creating the applications, it's easy to maintain the projects easily while growing.