Asp.Net MVC Architecture Example or Diagram for Beginners

Asp.Net MVC architecture separates an application into three main parts Model-View-Controller (MVC). MVC architecture provides good “separation of concerns” in general “Loose coupling”.


The following image shows how MVC architecture flow will be mvc architecture example or diagram for beginners


MVC splits an application into three parts

  1. Model
  2. View
  3. Controller


  • The Model represents business logic and data.
  • Often the model is used to retrieve data and store data from a database.


  • The View is responsible for displaying data and transforming Models or Models to visual representation.
  • Most often, the views are created from the model data.


  • The controller is the heart of the entire MVC architecture.
  • The Controller, as the name tells it controls the application logic and interacts between model and view.
  • The Controller takes inputs from the view and work with the model, and returns the view.