Asp.Net MVC Tutorial

Here we will learn a complete MVC tutorial with examples. In the MVC tutorial, we covered an MVC controller, view, models, partial views, action results, action verbs, master pages, etc. in a detailed manner with examples.

ASP.NET MVC Tutorial Overview MVC (Model-View-Controller) is an architectural pattern framework developed by Microsoft, and it is an alternative to web forms for creating a web application. The MVC framework is a lightweight and testable framework with existing features such as master pages, authentication, etc. It will split the application into three components Model, view, and controller.


In the MVC tutorial, we covered complete topics from basic to advanced levels. Those are 


  • Asp.Net MVC project structure
  • Roles Model, View, Controllers in Asp.Net MVC
  • Action Methods & URLs in MVC
  • Creating Application in MVC
  • Razor View Engine
  • CRUD operations using Web API…and many more topics in MVC.


ASP.NET MVC tutorial is targeted at beginners and experienced people who are having the knowledge to implement web applications using with C# or VB.NET. This MVC framework tutorial covered all topics from basic to advanced levels. It will give clear ideas to use the MVC framework in our applications with live examples and projects.


You should have the knowledge to implement web applications using with c# or If you are not aware of application implementation check out our tutorial, and you need to have visual studio software installed in your system.

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Saineshwar Bageri


Sainesh has contributed this tutorial to our site. He is having 6 + years of experience in Microsoft technologies such as, C#, SQL, MVC, etc. He is very passionate about learning the latest technologies and to help many people by conducting training sessions related to Microsoft technologies.