RabbitMQ Read Messages from Queue

In rabbitmq, we can read or consume a published messages from queue using web management portal for that we need to login into rabbitmq web management portal using default (guest) credentials like as shown below.


RabbitMQ Web Management Portal Login to Read Messages from Queues


After logging into rabbitmq web management portal, navigate to Queues tab and click on the queue (demoqueue) which you want to publish messages like as shown below.


RabbitMQ Select Queue to Read Messages


After clicking on particular queue (demoqueue), multiple panels will be shown from that click on Get messages panel like as shown below to read or get a messages from queue.


RabbitMQ Get Messages from Queue


After opening Get messages panel, here in Messages textbox you can enter the count of messages to read from the queue and click on Get Message(s) button to read messages from queue.


RabbitMQ Click on Get Message Button to Get Messages from Queue


Following is the snapshot after reading a message from queue in rabbitmq web management.


RabbitMQ Message Details After Reading from Queue


This is how we can read a messages from queue in rabbitmq web management portal based on our requirements. In next chapter, we will learn how to delete a queue from rabbitmq web management portal with examples.