RabbitMQ Channels

In rabbitmq, channel is a virtual connection inside a connection and publishing or consuming a message from queue will happen over a channel.


In rabbitmq web management portal, the Channels tab will show all the live channels of both producer and consumer messages along with that it will also show username, mode, state of channel, unconfirmed, prefetch, etc. columns like as shown below.


RabbitMQ Channels Dashboard


Following table will illustrate more details about the columns in channels section.


Mode The Mode column can be either C (confirm) or T (transactional). If channel is transactional, then mode is T in case channel streaming publish confirmations then mode C.
State It is used to show the state of channel.
Unconfirmed It is used to show the number of published messages not yet confirmed.
Prefetch It is used to show the details of per channel limit. In rabbitmq, each channel can have two prefetch counts one is per-consumer count, which will limit each new consumer created on the channel, and a global count, which is shared between all consumers on the channel
Unacked It is used to show details of consumer that has promised to process them but has not acknowledged that they are processed .
publish It is used to show the message rates for publishing.
confirm It is used to show the message rates for confirming.
deliver / get It is used to show the delivered details.
ack It is used to show the acknowledge details.

In case, if you want to see details of particular channel, then click on particular channel name for example if we click on “[::1]:57086 (1)” channel then it will show all the details related to that channel like as shown below.


RabbitMQ Channel Overview Dashboard


This is how we can use channels in rabbitmq based on our requirements.