C# Hello World Program Example

Using Visual Studio, you can easily create a Hello World Program or Console Application in C# programming language based on our requirements.


In the previous chapter, we explained how to Download and Install Visual Studio on Windows Machine. If you are not installed a visual studio, follow the instructions to install visual studio; otherwise, open your visual studio.

Create a C# Console Application

To create a new application in visual studio, go to the Menu bar, select File à New à select a Project like as shown below.


Create a New C# Project using Visual Studio


Once you click on Project, a new popup will open in that select Visual C# from the left pane and choose Console App. In the Name section, give any name for your project and select an appropriate Location path to save your project files, and click OK like as shown below.


Select Visual C# and Console App to Create a C# Project using Visual Studio


Once you click on the OK button, a new console application will be created like as shown below. In case the Program.cs file not opened in your code editor, open Solution Explorer menu on the right side and open your Program.cs file code by double-clicking it.


After Creating a C# Console Application using Visual Studio


If you observe the above image, by default the application contains a Main() method because the console applications in the c# programming language will always start from the Main() method of the Program class.

C# Hello World Program Example

Now replace your Program.cs file code as shown below to display the “Hello World” message.


using System;

namespace HelloWorld
     class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
             Console.WriteLine("Hello World!");
             Console.WriteLine("Press Enter Key to Exit.");

If you observe the above code, we used many parameters to implement the “Hello World” program in c#. In the next section, we will learn all the parameters in a detailed manner.

Explanation of C# Hello World Program

The following diagram will illustrate the parameters that we used in our c# program in a detailed manner.


C# Hello World Program Example Detailed Description


We will go through each step of our c# program and learn each parameter in a detailed manner. 


using System;


Here, using System is the .NET Framework library namespaces, and we used using keyword to import system namespace to use existing class methods such as  WriteLine(), ReadLine(), etc. By default, the .NET Framework provides a lot of namespaces to make the application implementation easy.


The namespace is a collection of classes, and classes are the collection of objects and methods.


namespace HelloWorld


Here, namespace HelloWorld is the main namespace of our application, and by default, our application classes will be a part of it.


class Program


Here, class Program is used to define a class (Program) in the namespace (Helloworld). The class (Program) will contain all the variables, methods, etc., and we can define more than one class in same namespace based on our requirements.


static void Main(string[] args)


Here, static void Main(string[] args) is used to define a method in our class (Program). 


  • The keyword static tells us that the main method can be accessible without instantiating the class (Program).
  • Another keyword void tells us that what this method should return.
  • The name Main will refer to the name of our class method (Program). The Main() method is the entry point of our console application.
  • After the name (Main) of a method, we defined a set of parameters within parentheses. Here our method takes only one parameter, called args and it is useful to send command-line arguments as text strings for our main method.

Console.WriteLine() / ReadLine()


Here, Console.WriteLine() and Console.ReadLine() methods are used to write a text to the console and read the input from the console. 


The Console is a class of .NET Framework namespace System and WriteLine() and ReadLine() are the methods of Console class.


In c# programming language, every statement or line must end with a semicolon (;).

Compile and Run C# Hello World Program

To see our Hello World C# Program's output, you need to compile and run the application by pressing either Ctrl + F5 or click on the Start option in the menu bar like as shown below.


Visual Studio Start Button to Compile and Run C# Program


Once you click on the Start option or Ctrl + F5, our program will get compiled and show the result as shown below.


C# Hello World Program Example Result


This is how you can create and execute the c# programming language applications using visual studio based on our requirements.