Visual Basic Setup Development Environment

As discussed in VB Introduction, Visual Basic (VB) programming language has built on .NET Framework to build a variety of secure and robust applications such as windows, web or database applications based on our requirements.


To run Visual Basic (VB) applications, we require to install a .NET Framework component on our machines. In case, if you are using a Windows operating system, then by default .NET Framework installed on your machine. To know more about .NET Framework versions installed on your machine, check this .NET Framework Versions.

Visual Studio IDE

Microsoft has provided an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) tool called Visual Studio to build applications using programming languages such as C#, F#, Visual Basic, etc. based on our requirements.


The Visual Studio IDE will provide a common user interface with a collection of different development tools to build applications with different programming languages such as C#, F#, Visual Basic, etc.


To install and use Visual Studio for commercial purpose we need to buy a license from Microsoft. In case, if you want to use Visual Studio for learning (non-commercial) purposes, Microsoft provided a free Visual Studio Community version.


You can download and install a Visual Studio Community version from In our Visual Basic (VB) tutorial, we will use the Visual Studio 2017 community version.


Now we will see how to create a console application using visual studio in a visual basic programming language.

Create a Project in Visual Studio

Once you are done with visual studio installation, open visual studio and it will be prompted to sign in for the first time. The sign-in step is optional so you can skip it and in the next step, the dialog box will appear and ask you to choose your Development Settings and color theme. Once you select the required options, click on Start Visual Studio option like as shown below.


Start Visual Studio with Default options to Create C# Programs


After visual studio launch, create a new console application using a visual basic programming language for that, Go to File à New à select a Project like as shown below.


Create a New C# Project using Visual Studio


Once you click on Project, a new popup will open in that select Visual Basic from the left pane and choose Console App. In the Name section give any name for your project and select an appropriate Location path to save your project files and click OK like as shown below.


Select Visual Basic and Console App to Create a Visual Basic Project using Visual Studio


Once we click on the OK button, a new console application will be created like as shown below.


After Creating Visual Basic Console Application using Visual Studio


This is how we can create a console application in a visual basic programming language using visual studio based on our requirements.