Bootstrap 4 vs Bootstrap 5 Differences

  By : Suresh Dasari
  Posted On : 19-Mar-2023

As we all know, bootstrap is the most popular free front-end (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) framework to build responsive websites that support all devices.


The main advantage of bootstrap is its open source and includes extensive UI based design templates for tables, images, forms, buttons, alerts, modals, progress bars, tooltips, etc. We can quickly build applications without writing much code. To learn more about it, check out our Bootstrap  Tutorial.


The initial version of bootstrap was released on August 2011. After that, lot of bootstrap versions (v2, v3, v4, and v5) were released by adding new features and improvements.


The recent version is Bootstrap 5 and it is built on top of Bootstrap 4 by introducing new features and improvements to load the components faster.


Following are some of the key differences between Bootstrap 4 and Bootstrap 5.


  1. The first thing is the File Size, when compared with Bootstrap 4, they reduced the file size of Bootstrap 5 to load the components faster.
  2. Second thing, they removed the complete jQuery dependency by writing the plugins in JavaScript to make it easier to use with the latest frameworks like angular, react, etc.
  3. Bootstrap 4 has 5 tier grid system. In Bootstrap 5, the grid system was enhanced to provide easier customization and upgraded to tier 6 to support 1400px and up by introducing the new xxl breakpoint.
  4. In Bootstrap 5, the new floating forms and components like Accordions, Alerts with icons, Offcanvas, etc. have been introduced, and updated the existing components like Buttons, Dropdowns, Navbars, popovers, etc. to load faster.
  5. In Bootstrap 5, new utility classes have been introduced for common CSS properties such as padding, margins, and borders to change the style of elements easily.
  6. Bootstrap 5 has dropped the support for old browser versions such as Internet Explorer 10 and 11, Microsoft Edge < 16, Firefox < 60, Chrome < 60, and Safari < 12.
  7. In Bootstrap 5, the tables have been redesigned to refresh the styles, and added nine separate colors for each base color to improve the color system.
  8. Bootstrap 5 has introduced a new customization system to change the style of websites easily.

Following are some of the Bootstrap 5 components that we can use to build responsive web applications easily.


 To learn more about the Bootstrap 5 check our Bootstrap 5 Tutorial, we covered all the Bootstrap 5 topics in detail with examples.