Tables in SQL Server with Examples

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Here we will learn what are the tables in sql server, uses of tables in sql server and how to create tables in sql server.

SQL Server Table

In SQL database contains one or more objects called tables which are used to store data or information related to database.


Generally SQL table is a compromise of multiple rows and columns and each table uniquely identified by its name. The columns in table will be defined with datatype and other properties but rows in table is used to store data for columns. In database our table’s structure will be like as shown below


Newly created employeedetails table in sql server

In SQL tables we can perform multiple data transactions like insert, update, delete, get, etc… based on requirements. For more information please check below list of actions which we can perform on SQL data table


    - SQL Create Table


    - SQL Insert into Table




    - SQL Update Table


    - SQL Delete from Table




    - SQL Drop Table


We will learn all these sections in next chapters.