LINQ Join Operators (Inner Join Left Join, Group Join, Cross Join)

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Here we will learn linq join operators in c#, with examples and different type of linq join operators (inner join, left outer join, cross join, group join) in c#, with examples.

LINQ Join Operators

In LINQ joining operators are used to join two or more lists / collections and get matched data from the collections based on specified expressions. The LINQ join operators behavior and functionality will be same as SQL joins. 


In LINQ we have different type of joins available those are



By using these joins we can get elements from both the collections based on specified expressions. Following table show more detailed information related to joins in LINQ.


Inner Join It return elements from the collections which satisfies specified expressions
Left Outer Join It return all the elements from left side collection and matching elements from the right side collection
Cross Join It returns cartesian product of elements in collections
Group Join A join clause with an into expression is called as group join

In next chapters we will learn all these linq joins in detailed manner with examples.



LINQ Inner Join