iOS Introduction

Here we will learn introduction to ios development with swift or getting started with ios development with swift, overview of ios, history if ios development and features of ios.

Overview of iOS

In March 6,2008, When Apple released the first software development kit (iPhone SDK) did not have any official website. When the first iPhone was release it named as iPhone OS and after passing the time it name as iOS in June 7,2010. After that apple introduced the new devices like IPad and iPod then iPhone OS is not restricting only for mobile devices then apple change the name of operating system and give its name iOS. Cisco System is the company which gives the name trademark “iOS”.

History of iOS

Following are the detailes related to evalution of iOS software


  • In June 2007, Apple released the first version which is 1.5 and shortly become 2.0.
  • In July 11,2008, Apple released the third iPhone OS 2.0.
  • July 17,2009, Apple released the third iPhone OS 3.0.
  • June 21,2010, iOS 4 was released now the turning point of Apple is started when Apple announced that they give 1500 new API for developer which include the multitasking feature.
  • In June 6,2011, Apple released iOS 5. In this release the great creation of iMessage chat between two devices which fully integrate with iCloud features.
  • In June 11,2012, Apple released the iOS 6 version but this version is not accessible for public use. In September 19,2012 iOS 6 was released in public.
  • In June 10,2013, Apple announced iOS 7 the feature of iOS 7 is only for two iPhones IPhone 5c and iPhone 5c.
  • In June 2,2014, Apple released iOS 8 for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. IOS 8 is the first version which is available public beta testing.
  • In June 8,2015, Apple announced iOS 9 version. Now Apple also give to support to iOS 8 to upgrade on iOS 9.

Features of iOS

Following are common features available iOS


  • Battery problem is common issue in all iPhone devices. Now the settings of iPhone offer to check that which application take too much battery after you easily uninstall this application or deactivate this application.
  • Now the feature in iOS is predictive typing means when you type the word in iOS it suggests you a word.
  • The concept of “Continuity” is now open which means if you are composing email on MAC laptop and want to end this email on your IPhone you will do this using Handoff tool.
  • Now Apple ID merge with your family share account and up to six members can share their iTunes downloads with each other’s.
  • Now Apple also gives the features to send the audio and video messages to your friends
  • Thumb impression feature is great in iOS you can lock your mobile using thumb impressions.

Start iOS Development

if you want to become iOS developer and want to start the iOS development you have little bit knowledge about programming like C Language, Java programming languages and also the knowledge about Design Patterns like MVC and the main thing is that you should have implementation knowledge of Object Oriented Programming Language.